DPleak® is used to perform evaluations on Secondary and Spill Containment sump, UDC, and Spill buckets. DPleak® was developed to help stakeholders comply with the 2015 UST EPA regulation revisions.

Can You Believe It

Current acceptable conventional sump testing methods allow for leaks of petroleum-based products into the environment greater than 1 gallons per hour or the equivalent of 9811 gallons per year, this is considered a PASS!
For current lake or hydrostatic testing, the standard acceptable leak rate for a 52-inch diameter sump is 1-1/8 GPH. Therefore, each time a lake test is perform over a gallon of contaminated water is allowed to enter the soil and still pass the current acceptable test criteria.

DPleak® is certified to detect leaks at a threshold of either 0.1 GPH or 0.005GPH, 44 gallons per year or 224 times less risk. No testing method is as accurate when testing for leaks plus the leaks are identified for a rapid repair. and your property is never contaminated via testing.


DPleak® is a Patented Testing Method that is EPA certified using a vacuum seal and constant pressure to find leaks rather than the conventional lake testing or hydrostatic methods. It takes less time, approximately 30 minutes, and does not generate hazardous contaminated water to perform the testing and all the effort and chain of responsibility required to dispose of the contaminated water after testing.

Unlike lake testing the entire containment is tested. All the components within the sump are tested including the electrical connections and tank top fitting. This is done at a low cost, while the system stays in services. This allows the owner to receive what he pays for …. A tight site.


The sump will have a seal placed over the opening (a perfectly tight seal is not required. DPleak® overcomes any leaks at the top seal). Then the air within the sump is removed to maintain a constant low-pressure vacuum. Leaks are then identified, and photographs are taken of each leak found within the containment for accurate and rapid repair. A report will be written which lists and shows a copy of each leak If a repair team is also onsite to make repairs if needed then the site can be immediately retested and finalized. This will save extra trips for repairs and retesting that causes multiple site interruptions. Once tested by DPleak® and passing results are accomplished. Tight sumps will remain tight for years.


Click on the link below to review how DPleak® identifies and records each leak for a quick repair. No need to guess where the leak may be once the testing is complete. Most repairs can be done while the test is progressing and completed before leaving the site.

DPleak® Demonstration Video

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