Helium Leak Testing

Need to pinpoint a leak in a hurry?

Helium leak testing could be the answer.

We often use helium for Enhanced Leak Detection (ELD) testing because these chemicals travel through the soil faster than other options.

That means you can have test results in minutes, which can be hugely important when you need to identify a costly leak or get your pipeline certified before opening your new gas station.

With our ELD testing, you also get the most sensitive leak detection testing in the industry today. We identify leaks at a rate of 44 gallons per year. That’s a huge contrast to conventional testing methods that detect leaks at a rate of 876 gallons per year.

Not to mention, Leak Detection Technologies is the only company in the country to have EPA certification for helium and hydrogen leak detection testing.

If you’re looking for a fast, sensitive and effective leak detection method, contact Leak Detection Technologies to learn more about our helium leak detection testing.