ELD Testing Saves Gas Station $30,000 in Repairs

Case Study: ELD Testing Saves Gas Station $30,000 in Repairs


A new gas station was built with double-wall piping using some of the best contractors and manufacturers in the industry. Once the construction was completed, the facility passed multiple third-party leak tests.

However, a few months after construction was completed, the facility began to notice fuel gathering in the two tank sumps. They attempted to clear the secondary containment piping, but the problem returned after 4-6 weeks.

The facility owner had several companies test the piping. Every testing company said the piping was tight and they had no suggestions as to why the product was entering the secondary containment piping. Finally, a Shell Oil consultant recommended the facility contact Leak Detection Technologies.

What We Found:

Using our MDleak® Testing method, we discovered six small, but significant leaks that could not be detected by traditional testing methods. For two of the six leaks, our MD Testing technology was able to identify the leak within two inches of the leak site.


One of the leaks we identified was 14 inches from the tank sump wall using a handheld camera. The leak was repaired through the inside of the pipe from the tank sump without the need for breaking concrete. Because LDT determined the exact location of the leak, it saved the facility owner $30,000 in tank top repairs.

Also, thanks to our minimally invasive testing methods, the fueling facility was never closed during and there was only a minor interruption to traffic.