About Leak Detection Technologies

Leak Detection Technologies is the industry leader for compliance testing and leak location for pipelines and storage tanks. We offer the most sensitive, comprehensive testing on the market, which means we can pinpoint the exact location of the tiniest leaks.

Industries We Serve



Whether you need to identify a leak at your existing station or get new construction acceptance testing, we can help.

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Eliminate the need for costly turnaround by testing your refinery and bulk pipeline while it’s running and in service.



Get the most sensitive pipeline leak testing in the industry in half the time with our trademarked PHDLeak® testing method.



Need to identify a leak in your above ground storage tank and associated piping? Our MDLeak® technology can find it.

Our Clients

LDT Saves Facility Owner $30,000 in Repairs

ELD Testing Saves Gas Station $30,000 in Repairs

A brand new gas station discovered fuel in their two tank sumps a few months after construction was finished. Multiple testing companies were unable to detect any leaks. However, our advanced testing discovered six small, but significant leaks that the other companies missed.